“Creativity takes courage”

− Henri Matisse −

I began working with fused and kiln formed glass in 2000 at a friend’s studio in Washington State, where I traveled twice a year on vacation to learn and create. Friends and family encouraged my growing passion and what started as a summertime hobby, blossomed into a full time career. Kipuka Glass was born as a result in 2007 out of my basement studio.

My family’s love of Hawaii inspired my company name, Kipuka Glass. A kipuka is an island of land that survives a volcanic eruption when lava flows around it; so where there is massive destruction, there is a tiny oasis of hope and renewal. Kipuka Glass is my “oasis”, a place I find joy and pleasure at watching nature come to life in glass.

As cliché as it sounds, much of my work is inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds me. I love the iridescent gracefulness of the dragonfly as it flitters around during the summer months. The brilliant jewel tones of the peacock remind me of shimmering Hawaiian shores and New England’s falling leaves bursting with color and beauty that each year are renewed like a continuous painting. For these reasons I enjoy working with copper and mica as well as the many iridescent and dichroic coated glasses.

I am so blessed, it’s not often that one’s career and hobby collide together to make peaceful harmony with such joy and beauty.